How To Plan Out A Corporate Presentation To A Potential Client


A meeting with a potential new client is a very important event for any business. You really only have once chance to make a good impression. If it goes haywire, or even if it's just not as smooth and professional as you would like, then the client might never give you another chance to recover. This is why it is vital that your team do everything possible to make sure that the presentation goes according to plan. Even if your business is the ideal choice, you need to convey that in the presentation. You can't rely on handouts and binders full of data to convince people. So, you should focus on visual and auditory things that grab the clients attention. Here are three things to consider.  

Prepare A Brilliant PowerPoint Deck

A good PowerPoint presentation is absolutely vital. However, if you really want to impress, you should make sure it looks amazing. While most people working in an office can put together a simple PowerPoint deck, it's probably a better idea to bring in a specialist to polish it up. What you can do is get your staff to create the bare-bones outline; including the relevant data and the key talking points. Then hire a PowerPoint designer who can come in and make it look beautiful. You want something that utilizes gorgeous charts, graphics, and colors. It should look sophisticated and also be completely clear and convey exactly what your company is trying to sell.

Have Your Presenters Practice In Front Of A Live Audience

Don't think that a PowerPoint deck can run itself. If the presenter gets flustered during the presentation, it will not go over well. Even if the visuals are beautiful, it won't matter if the presenter runs the presentation too fast, or is not able to engage with the audience. There is nothing better than running too fast through the presenters view and making the whole thing a speed course. So, in order to avoid this, you want to have the presenter practice in front of an audience, preferably a group of people in the company that the presenter does not normally communicate with. This way you can tell if they will get nervous with public speaking in front of strangers. Run it over and over until they know it backwards and forwards and sound natural and don't need to constantly refer to the notes.

Commission A Custom Corporate Video

If you really want to stand out from the other companies, you should commission a custom corporate video. This can be played at the beginning of the presentation, before the PowerPoint deck presentation. The video is a perfect way to show your company in action. You can show your factory floor, for instance, if you're company is a production facility. Or, if it's a restaurant or nightclub, you can show footage of the kitchen or the main floor. This is a perfect way to give the investors exposure to your company without having to drag them to the facility during normal operation hours. It's a perfect way to bring the company to life.


14 July 2017

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