Care Tips For Newly Tinted Car Windows


Not only does window tinting look nice, it also protects your car's interior from sun damage, as well as protect the occupants from dangerous UV rays. If you just had your windows tinted, you likely want to make sure they are properly cared for so the window tinting doesn't become damaged. The following tips can help you with this.

Tip #1: Keep 'em up

Don't roll down the windows for the first few days after you have them tinted, since this could scratch the tint if it hasn't cured completely. If necessary, put a piece of painter's tape over the window controls in the car to remind you and your passengers to keep those windows up. Once the tinting cures, you can roll down the windows as desired, but with one caveat. Make sure the weatherstripping between the window and the door is in good condition. Trapped debris or damaged stripping can scratch tinting. Each time you wash your car, inspect the weatherstripping so you can catch any damage early and have it replaced.

Tip #2: Park in the sun

Moisture is needed to properly install window tinting, which means you may see some condensation beneath the tinting in the first few days following application. During the curing process, this moisture will evaporate and your tint will become firmly adhered to the window. You can speed the process by parking in a warm, sunny area whenever possible. If the pockets persist for more than a week, you will need to visit the installer to make sure there are no issues with the installation.

Tip #3: Avoid cleaning damage

Once again, you need to allow the tint to fully cure before washing the windows or your car. Otherwise, you could accidentally pull up the uncured tinting or leave a major scratch. Once the tint has cured, feel free to wash the windows inside and out as needed. Just avoid using anything abrasive to clean them. Sponges and rags should be soft, and squeegees must be free of ragged edges and other damage. Never wipe down a dry window, either. Dust can be abrasive, and can damage the tint. Always use a liquid window cleaner that doesn't contain ammonia, since ammonia can damage tinting. Alcohol or vinegar-based options are the best choice.

Your tint job can easily last the lifetime of the car with proper care. For more help, contact an auto window tinting service in your area.


6 November 2018

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