A Quick Guide To Audio & Video Cables


As you plan out an audio/video distribution system for your home, one of the main things you need to sort out is the audio and video cables you use. It seems like every device has a different cable distribution system. Understanding the system is essential for proper audio and video connections.

Learn about some of the most common cords you will come across and their uses in your home entertainment system.

Coaxial Cable

One of the oldest types of cords you will deal with is a coaxial cable. The cable has been used for decades to distribute signal feeds for cable TV lines and satellite television. The cords can carry both audio and video data.

While a cable box may use the cables for inputs, you likely won't connect the cable directly to the TV as modern high-quality cords have begun to replace the coaxial connections. If you own older video game consoles you still play, then you may use the coaxial cable for a direct television connection, but not through an AV distribution system.

RCA Cables

Devices like DVD players rely on RCA cables for audio and video connections. The cables are known for their signature red, white, and yellow color scheme. The yellow cord connects to the video output on a device, while the red and white cords provide audio connections.

RCA cables may serve several functions in an AV distribution system. If you have a CD player sound system, you may hook the player up to a sound system for speaker use. Video game consoles like the Nintendo Wii and PS2 also relied on RCA cable connections.

Component Video Cables

Similar to RCA cable, component video cables provide video streams from devices like DVD players, but the output of video is different than a single cord. Component video cables include three video streams, with red, blue, and grey cords. A device with a component video output would need a separate audio output cable.

The type of audio output depends on the device. Some DVD players would use another RCA cable, while some audio players would rely on a mini-plug.

HDMI Cables

While many devices in the past had a wide range of connection cables, a majority have been replaced with the simplicity of an HDMI cable. The cable can deliver high-quality and audio and sound, including both HD and 4K quality. Speakers, video systems, and gaming consoles all rely on HDMI connections.

When using new technology with AV distribution systems, HDMI cables will become your primary connection source.

As you learn the differences between cables, connecting an AV system will only become easier for your home.


19 January 2021

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