4 Signs A Room's Acoustics Are Off


Even if you've had an acoustical engineering consulting firm help you with a room before, you may find it develops problems over time. You will want to address them as soon as possible, but you'll need to know the signs something is wrong. If you notice these four issues, ask an acoustical consulting technician for assistance.

Liveliness and Shouting

Some rooms seem louder than others. It is easy to dismiss this problem if the room is usually crowded, such as a conference room at a place of business. However, you may notice everyone competing to be heard, possibly even shouting because they're fighting to be heard.

No, those folks may not be rude. Instead, the room may have too many reflective surfaces. Such acoustic configurations can make sound fly around the room.

Sit down in the room with no one there. Clap your hands several times and note whether it seems to echo. Especially if you hear subsequent claps get louder as you clap, there might be something off with the room's acoustics.


A room can have the opposite problem. The design of the room may give sounds no hope of traveling. This can happen in rooms with unusual shapes or too many fixtures. Some materials also can have deadening effects.

Once more, you can do a clap test. This time, though, you're trying to notice if there is an answer when you clap.


Similarly, you may find a room has a mixture of zones. There may be a lively side of the room, and the other end might be dead. You'll notice the difference when there are people in the room.

You can test these rooms by playing music on your phone. Move to each of the corners and play something. Then move along the walls and repeat the test. Go to the center to complete your test.

Notably, a room may have two zones by design. If you're in a large entertainment space in a home, for example, a previous owner might have developed fun and quiet ends of the room. You don't have to live with that arrangement, and an acoustical consulting professional can modify it.

Weird Rooms

Occasionally, the audio effects in a room will seem unsettling and weird. Homeowners will sometimes even claim its some paranormal effect. More likely, the effects are tripping your brain up. If you can't put your finger on the problem, see what an acoustical engineering consulting company has to say about it.


22 December 2021

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