Think You Lost A Valuable Ring Down The Drain? How To Find Out For Sure


There is little that is more frustrating than thinking that you lost your wedding ring down a drain and not know for sure. You could call a plumber to take apart every drain in your home, but if anyone runs water, a garbage disposal unit, or a dishwasher before the plumber arrives, you can consider your ring gone for good. Here are some options to help you find out for sure if your ring is in a drain without having to hire and wait for a plumber.

24 July 2017

How To Plan Out A Corporate Presentation To A Potential Client


A meeting with a potential new client is a very important event for any business. You really only have once chance to make a good impression. If it goes haywire, or even if it's just not as smooth and professional as you would like, then the client might never give you another chance to recover. This is why it is vital that your team do everything possible to make sure that the presentation goes according to plan.

14 July 2017